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    We usually fly Air Jamaica, but we had to make some changes this year due to their schedule changes. We are actually able to fly out of Chicago on Sunday on Air Jamaica in December, so we are very excited to be able to get to CTI nice and early. This will be our first time to CTI (have been to CSA and CN), so we were happy to still get that Air Jamaica flight. BUT, we cannot return to Chicago on Sunday with Air Jamaica. We are flying USAir on our return home. We have a stopover in Charlotte, but we are not switching planes to continue on to Chicago. Does anyone know if we will have to go through Customs in Charlotte, or are we able to leave all our luggage on the plane and go through Customs once we get to Chicago? We are in Charlotte for about 1 1/2 hours, and I wasn't sure if they'd make us get our luggage and go through Customs and then reboard or not. Anyone have any experience with this??

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    We have flown USAirways and had the same flight number for both flight segments. However, you will still have to deplane and go through customs and immigration in Charlotte, which means collecting your luggage and then rechecking it. You will also have to bring all of your carry-on items off of the plane.

    I recently posted tips on going through customs and immigration through Charlotte.

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    We were booked on Air Jamaica out of Chicago Sunday thru Sunday for November and then they changed the return flight to Saturday. Wanted to keep the non-stop so we switched our outbound to Saturday.

    You will have to deplane and go through Customs in Charlotte.

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    You'll have to go through immigration and customs in Charlotte. You go through customs at your first point of entry back into the US.

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    You go thru customs where ever you land first in the USA.
    Irie Mon

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    Thanks for the info everyone! Bummer, though. I was hoping (but not really expecting) with keeping the same flight, we'd bypass that!

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