We went to CSA this past April and really loved it! We are beach people and we were just amazed with the beach, lush grounds and excellent food. We stayed in an atrium room, but it was a too noisy for me and so I would need an ocean or beachfront verandah if we return. Next year we have to go to Negril in March when it is much more expensive. I have booked Couples Negril for 3 main reasons: first it consistently gets great reviews on travel sites, second there seems to be very little worry about getting a place on the beach, third is cost.

We are headed for Couples negril (lowest category room) for March 2013. I do like trying new resorts. Honestly, I want to give Couples Negril a chance and I know we will love not having to get up early to reserve a spot on the beach as we did at CSA. I just can't seem to stop thinking about CSA and worrying that we won't be as satisfied while at CN.

I am concerned if I go to CSA I will have to stay in the lowest category room and that it will be loud! I really want ocean or beachfront, but it will blow the budget big time.

I'm worried CN is not as lush and beach oriented as CSA. Also, i wonder if the compact size will get old after 8 nights???

If you are a CSA fan, did you love CN as much? Thanks for any help!