Just completed our first (but not our last!) trip to Couples! We visited Couples Negril beginning July 16th and had the time of our lives. We're not ones for revisiting vacation locales, preferring to see as many new places as possible, but we'll definitely make an exception for Jamaica and particularly Couples Negril.

We arrived in Jamaica after hours of travel (thru ATL, natch), cleared customs and headed for the Couples Lounge at the MBJ airport. We were met as we were walking up to the lounge and were told, "As of now, you're on vacation and you don't have to worry about another thing". Does it get any better than that??? Waited for the shuttle for only about 20 minutes...just enough time to enjoy a couple Red Stripes!...and we were off to Negril. Had a great shuttle driver, who pointed out lots of stuff along the way. Nothing beats that moment when you stop off the shuttle in front of the beautiful open-air reception area and are greeted by friendly, smiling face and a cold glass of champagne. The "real world" completely melts away!

The week flew by. We had such plans before arrival...snorkeling, sunset cruise, going to Rick's Cafe to watch the cliff divers, ocean kayaking, etc.....and ended up doing absolutely nothing (and loving every minute of it, I might add!). It was so wonderful to simply sit on that beautiful beach and watch all the comings and goings of other people taking part in the water sports and enjoying the vendors and musicians on the beach, that we simply couldn't roust ourselves. It was wonderful!
That being said, however, we DID enjoy all the incredible entertainment each night. We loved the Reggae Dance Party, and Sweet Sensations, and were completely blown away by the guys who entertained on Thursday night (July 19th) at the Beach Party. You cannot believe the incredible strength and beauty of the acrobatic routines, and the juggling and fire dancing were just mind-blowing.

Just when we thought that we'd seen the best entertainment possible, Couples Negril raised the bar yet again with the incredible steel drum show on Friday night (July 20th). There are no words to do this show justice! It was a performance unlike we've ever seen. The music of the steel drums almost took a backseat to the energy and enthusism of the drummers/dancers/performers. It was a solid hour of the most intense, high-energy dance/drumming routines imaginable. I was totally exhausted just watching! And as if that weren't enough, the show also included a jaw-dropping contortionist who just blew everyone away!

Everything about Couples Negril is so special. The resort is beautiful and clean, the food is phenomenal, and the service is spectacular! We'd like to give a very special shout-out to the Couples staff! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making us feel so welcome, so at home and so pampered!! The staff at Couples Negril is second to none!! Everyone was so pleasant, friendly and helpful! We loved talking to all of you and learning about your beautiful country! Thanks to each one of you for making our vacation the most perfect we've ever experienced!! We can't WAIT to come back!!!