so here i am, 16 weeks pregnant, obsessing over my next couples trip. we were just at cti in march, so it's not like it's really been that long, but somehow the more we go, the more i need it!!! now i am critically aware of the fact that if we don't squeeze in one more couples trip before the babe comes, it will be four more years before we get back. (i already made the hubby promise we would go for my 40th bday-5 year anniversary)
we have agreed to do a bit of a babymoon, but justifying over $3000 for one is hard bc i will be off work at home watching the little one for so long. don't get me wrong, couples is worth every penny. that's one of the reasons i'm having a hard time agreeing to a long weekend anywhere else.
so we entered the photo contest. and we are watching airfare. i am desperately holding out for october's secret rendezvous. perhaps a great weds deal?
couples, i really want one more trip!!!