My Husband and I are going to Jamaica for the first time, to CSA, to celebrate our 1 year anniversary this month=) (Sep. 20th)
We were wondering about a couple of things and love reading the message boards! We thought we should ask experienced CSA lovers what ideas they had to make the most out of our 6 day trip and to make this a memorable 1 year anniversary!?!

1) How are the off-resort excursions? We were thinking of the Black River Safari & Y.S. Falls Tour? How/when should you book them, and are there any that stand out from the crowd?

2)We will be arriving @ CSA around noon and were wondering how early check-in's work? Do they allow them, or would we just have to kill time before checking in?

3)Is there Kayaking and/or para-sailing in the area? If so, what are the costs?

4)What is the easiest way to get to Rick's Cafe? How far is it from CSA?

We would appreciate any input, and are VERY EXCITED to go to Jamaica!!! Only 9 more days!!!