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    Default First time visitor to CSS

    Looking for some information on CSS:

    1) Do all the rooms have bathrobes in them?

    2) Saw an earlier post where someone mentioned Smirnoff vodka as being the "premium alcohol" in the room. Do you know if they carry Absolute Citron Vodka at CSS? How about Myers or Tortuga Rum? Will they bring the better stuff to your room if you ask them?


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    We visited CSS for the first time last month, although it was our 15th trip to Couples. We were disappointed with the alcohol selection; it differed from the other three resorts. The only gin available for the first three days was Gordon's and Gilchrist, although Tanqueray did show up later. The resort also had no single malt scotch. I haven't had to drink a blended scotch in more than 10 years; the only scotch available was Johnny Walker Black and Dewar's.

    The resort won't provide you with "the better stuff" in your room. It's best to stick with rum for your one in-room bottle. It's drinkable.
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    I do believe all of the rooms have bathrobes at CSS. I know our beachfront jacuzzi room did.

    We've stayed at CSA and CSS. In both cases, the booze that comes with the mini-bar, except for the rum, is not "premium". However, this is not unusual when compared to other AIs. If you want premium booze, go to one of the bars at CSS, almost all of them will have whatever you are looking for (Tanqueray, Grey Goose, Grand Marnier, etc.). However, the rum in the mini-bar is always excellent, usually Appleton. It's Jamaica, so of course, the rum is premium.

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    Yes, CSS has bathrobes in their rooms. I can't speak for your second question but it seems Pamela's already done a good job with that. I'm sure you'll have a great time!!

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    I hope Randy is taking notes on this one - I convinced some friends to vacation with us in Decemeber and they must have their Absolute Vodka if not that Grey Goose will do.

    Me personally I drink the Appleton rum while in JA and the Red Stripe.
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    First trip to CSS!!!
    Wow..You are in for a real treat.
    CSS's GM Mr Pierre Battalgia has put together a first class staff that loves to spoil you.

    CSS...Couples Sans Souci...Take great care of AdamandEve

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