Hubby and I are trying to decide which excursions we want to do while we are there. We'll be there Oct 17-24... so excited! I don't want to plan a crazy amount of stuff because I really want to enjoy the resort and relax but there are a few things we talked about doing. And I wanted to get everyone's take and experience on them!

As far as excursions... he would like to do the dune buggy ride and I would like to do the Horse back ride. I had seen a company that offered those as a joint tour, but I was wondering if any of you have ever done that and if you could offer any advice! Wondering if there is a really GREAT company to go through?? Or ones we should avoid? And did you schedule those in advance or once you arrived at CSA?

I know there are a ton of other excurions so if anyone has any others that are "MUST DOs" please let me know!!

And I should say that while I so want to relax, this is our first vacation without our little girls. He is active duty Army and will just be getting back from his third, year long deployment... and we are 28 and 30. So we want to relax, but we want to take full advantage of this time to have fun too!!

We were also thinking about renewing our vows because we just hit 10 years, so many decisions! Wish I had unlimited funds, lol.

So excited to have him back in my arms and then be heading to the vacation of our dreams!!! It can not come soon enough!!!