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    Default Wedding at CTI 5/18/2013-On the island!!!

    Hello everyone!!

    I announced this in the 2013 brides sections, but I want my own thread! : ) John Webster and I will be getting married on CTI's small island (the tower island package) on May 18, 2013. Our invitations went out this past Friday and we've had several more couples want to join us! We are looking at 40-50 guests so far with our beautiful sunset wedding.

    We have started a wedding website at if anyone would like to follow our adventure!

    I have been trying to sift through everyone's posts and find information from couples married on the island with a little bit of difficulty. If anyone has any advice for us either about the island or CTI in general, please feel free to contact me at Especially about larger weddings! We originally intended for less than 20 people and this thing has gotten huge!

    We are doing the onsite photographer, steel drum band, dolphin swimming, Dunn's River Falls, and zipline, as well as taking advantage of the beach buffet the night of our ceremony for the reception.

    I am sooo excited about this and have really appreciated all of the information that I have gathered from this message board to help make our wedding an amazing family vacation that will create memories to last a lifetime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jswarren View Post
    . . . We are looking at 40-50 guests so far . . .
    According to the information listed on this web site, capacity for the Tower Isle wedding is limited to 40 guests. It is a very small island.
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