We just returned last night( 09/08/09 from CN. This was our 4th trip there. I just thought I would drop a few random things out here. Many people are going in the next couple of weeks and some things may be helpful.

The Cattamaran cruise usulally scheduled for monday nights has been changed to tuesday night. I think this is only temporary. I do not know about any of the other scheduled nights. The Otaheite (sp) is closed temporarily. They are replacing the wood floor with a tile floor. We ate there Sunday night. Monday morning they were in there tearing out the floor. They expect to be back open on Sept 20th. In the meantime, you can still enjoy the food. They have put a large circus type tent up just outside the door. They have tables and chairs set up under it. It does not block access to anything and does not take up very much room. It maybe takes up about where 20 chairs would be on the pool deck. Don't worry, there are still plenty of chairs to go around. Occupancy is down slightly and the resort was not crowded at all.

We stayed in building 2. In our 4 trips to CN, this was our favorite building so far. No road noise, and it was convenient to everything. ( All buildings really are ). We had an end room on the block, and really enjoyed the extra windows.

The food was good as usual. Put on about 6 pounds in 5 days. Drinks were good.

Another random thought people always want to know. Topless women ont the beach. In our visits to CN, this was by far the most topless women on the beach. In the past there would always be two or three, but this trip there were usually at least 10 or more each day. ( did not count, just guessing ). My wife felt alot more comfortable on this trip.

All in all, another great trip. Met some great people from NY and Washington state. Had fun Mon.

Any questions, feel free to ask.