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    Default swimming at sans souci

    What is the swimming like on both beaches at Sans Souci compared to couples negril?

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    We found the ocean floor at Sans Souci to be mucky off of the main beach. Off of the a/n beach, the ocean floor is very rocky. I've read that the ocean floor ceases to be rocky further out, but we didn't get out far enough I guess. I would bring water shoes.
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    We haven't been to CN yet, but it sounds very similar to CSA, where we have been, as well as CTI and CSS. The water is very shallow off the main beach of CSS and there are some urchins and a few scattered rocks. Not bad, but you need to be aware of where your feet go. It's definitely not as nice as at CSA, so I doubt you'll find it as nice for swimming as CN. You will have to go aways out to get deep enough. It's great for floating though.

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    Can't say anything about the Au Natural side but you do get a much nicer beach/sand at CN. When I went in the water at CSS, I basically got on my floatie as soon as I got in the water becuase there was slimy "stuff" at the bottom. Not every where but you did have to watch where you walked. As for actual swimming, at the deepest part of the roped off part I could still stand and I am 5'5". We went outside the ropes and you still have to watch for the slimy stuff, we didn't go out far but could still touch. It wasn't rocky or anything where we felt the need to wear water shoes.

    CN had the most beautiful sand and beach ever (except for the annoying Jet Ski guy who kept going backa nd forth but can't do anything about that.) I hardly took a floatie in there and just swam around but again, still not really deep, I could touch out to the rope.
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    The beaches at CSS are different than CN. They're more rocky...not so soft. The main beach on CSS is in a cove so it's protected and not so rough. Haven't tried swimming on the SSB side of CSS...just floating. Not sure swimming commando on the AN beach would be something I'd want to try, but relaxing is good!

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    Water and beach at CN is way nicer BUT the water is much calmer at CSS main beach, and for floating and having a drink. Not a lover of the AN beach at CSS, very rocky and much colder due to the fact a river empties into it. but its refreshing!

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    Thanks for your replies! This will help us make a decision.

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    We were there in March. Loved the resort, hated the beach. (We have been to all 4 Couples resorts). My husband was snorkeling off CSS beach out by the swim dock and there was a lionfish hanging out in the seaweed stuff. he got some good pics!

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