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    Default Has anyone ate at scotchies?

    I was told to head out to scotchies. Has anyone been there? if so please share feedback.
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    Yes, 5 or 6 times over the years. Some of the best jerk on the island. Sauce that will make your tongue slap your earlobes, trying to cool down. Amazing jerk sausage! If you are going to the Ocho Rios side of the island, don't miss it!
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    Hey rcgoofy68,
    Scotchies Ocho Rios is about a 20 minute drive from CSS--since you are staying at CTI you may want to add 5-10 minutes to this timeframe. It is pretty much open air. You order from the menu, then they make your order and then you go find your seat in the covered outdoor seating area. You can order jerk chicken--they will ask you if you want light meat or dark meat --1/4 or 1/2 or a whole chicken. They also have jerk pork and sausages. They also have sides, like festival, rice and peas, etc. They also have a super spicy hot sauce that is awesome. They leave it sitting next to the bar where you pick up your food. You can put this sauce in a little plastic cup and then add it to your food as you choose. They also have a full bar, but we usually just order Red Stripes.

    Hope this helps!

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    Scotchies.... Ah, yes. The best jerk on the island! I agree with the comments regarding the sauce... It's super hot! Definitely keep it on the side for dipping rather than pouring it over your meal. There are a few hut-style tables, but this is a small place. We usually order and eat on the go. Enjoy!

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    It's definitely a great place to eat! Try the jerk sausage..But like DallasCheri, I would advise the sauce on the side...Experience is a good teacher!

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    Andrew Zimmer went to Jamaica for an episode of Bizarre Foods and ate there. You can search for the episode on youtube and watch it. Scotchies looked amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbeth View Post
    Andrew Zimmer went to Jamaica for an episode of Bizarre Foods and ate there. You can search for the episode on youtube and watch it. Scotchies looked amazing!
    We went in 2009 and it was awesome. The jerk chicken sausage is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!

    We bought our driver lunch and he clued us in to an open secret. Where you receive your food they had two containers of jerk sauce. One was labeled "hot" and the other one "mild". The hot is VERY hot, but it is still "tourist sauce".

    When you get your food look to the left. There will be a table about ten yards away with a pot and a ladle with tin foil covering it, and no sign. That is the "Locals" sauce. Use caution. We loved it, however. If you do decide to use it, just go ahead and triple your drink order. Trust me, you will need it, and you will not want to wait for your next Redstripe.

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    Just found the Andrew Zimmer at scotchies.
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    We go every year with local friends. Don't shy away from the "local's only" sauce. It's fantastic, and completely "authentic"; none of that watered down tourist stuff.

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    Thanks for the link, rcgoofy....I liked the segment on lion fish too....good eats!!!!

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    While staying at CSS, we loaded up for a "local day out" with another couple we met. We asked the driver to take us to the best jerk in the area and he immediately said Scotchies! The food was is all outside, open air, and definitely a must stop.

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