My wife and I have never visited CTI and I was thinking if I get some feedback on our hesitation we might end up trying it for a change. Here is what we have stumbed over in the past that has made up push keep choosing one of the other resorts. Maybe some of them are just things we misunderstood and they won't be issues at all. Thanks for any helpful feedback on these things!

1) I think I understand that the island is the only place where nude sunbathing is permitted at CTI. Is there ever a time when you can't go there when it's windy or the waves get rough (as we all know happens on the north coast from time to time)? I would not want to plan to spend vacation time on an A/N beach and then not be able to do so. This is something my wife and enjoy on almost all of our Jamaica vacations.

2) Is it true that we can only go to the island together as a couple and if one of us leaves for a little bit the other is no longer welcome on the island and is forced to leave? This might be a dealbreaker for us, but we need clarification I guess.

3) There seem to be a LOT of room categories. We generally book the regular deluxe rooms at CN since we spend so little time in them, but with such a wide range of different categories of rooms at CTI it makes us wonder how big the difference is in the rooms. Would a regular, lower cost room at CTI be the equal of one at CN or should we expect to get a higher level room in order to get what we have come to expect at CN?

Thanks for your help!