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    Default Bottled water and CN????

    Hello everyone! I am not a big fan of tap or soda machine filtered water. I know it is ridiculous, and it all comes from the same place etc. I was wondering if CN offers bottled water or if I should buy some at the airport before heading to the resort. I know that the water in Jamaica is perfectly safe but I only drink bottled water in the states too. I also really like the convenience of bottled water, and I know I will want to stay hydrated with all the sun and strawberry daiquiris

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    No bottled water. They had cups next to culligan/absopure jugs of water that you could help yourself to. CSS had mini bottles of water which we really liked. It's a pain at CN that anytime you want a water you have to walk down and get a cup for it.
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    From everything I have read, no more bottled water @ CN. I too was sad to hear this, as Iím a HUGE water drinker. I live on well water and never drink water in town (chlorine, etc). I do recall the water there in 2010 in the restaurants and it was good. We are bringing large insulated glasses to drink out water out of. So if you only drink out of water bottles, you may want to stock up at the airport.
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    No bottled water at CN. Grab a bottle of water at the Couples lounge at the airport. Hang onto to the bottle to use at CN. You get filtered water in your room plus there are water stations all over the place where you can get a refill. It's the empty bottle you need.
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    There are bottles for sale in the snak shop or at the beach hut

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    We take sport bottles with us to fill up while on the beach. Works really well for us.

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    Filtered water in the room? I don't remember that.
    Is that new?

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    The water out of your faucet in your room has always been filtered and safe to drink, so you can fill up a bottle there in your room.

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