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    Default October at CSA

    My first time to CSA is planned for the first week of Oct. Just wondering about past experience with the weather in Oct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsPearl View Post
    My first time to CSA is planned for the first week of Oct. Just wondering about past experience with the weather in Oct.
    Firstly, let us tell you that we are travelling down to CSA on Oct 30 for 11 days, so obviously we have few concernes about the weather. This will be our 4th October visit in four years, nd yes, you do get some showers, but remember in Jamaica its called "liquid sunshine".

    On one occasion we caught the tail end of a hurricane that hit Haiti, but even that could not dampen the friendliness of the staff or constrain the service.

    If you get rain, it will normally be very heavy but of very short duration. Our best advise is to sit in the pool and cover you drink with your hand (don't want it watered down!).

    If you get an afternoon storm, it is a great excuse to sit on your balcony with your feet up and refresh yourself for the evening festivities.

    We have never known the rain to soil our stay at CSA. Put another way, we can't think of a better place to sit out a passing rainstorm and enjoy the warmth, scenery and vibrancy of the island.

    Have fun, enjoy, and if you are still around on the 30th, we will be in the Martini Bar at 6pm meeting old and dear friends. Join us if you can.

    Ian and Lesley

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    You never know how the weather may be. We were married in Oct '08 and the weather was great. Rained almost everyday for about an hour. Except the first night when it rained more. We will also be there the first week of Oct this yr so we're praying for no storms!

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    We've been there 3 times in October and the weather was great. The second time going to CSA we were diverted to CTI because a tropical storm had blown thru the day before we arrived. CSA was flooded and no power for a bit. We were bummed not to be at CSA, but at least we got to go to another fabulous Couples resort.

    Don't worry about the weather. You can't predict anything when it comes to that subject. You are going to love CSA. Our next trip there is October 2013. CSA ROCKS!

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