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    Default CSA questions

    Can someone please send a recent picture of the atrium suite bathrooms?
    Has anyone experienced getting bugs in these rooms since there is not glass on the windows???

    Does anyone have pictures of the rooms of the GreatHouse Verandah Suites? If anyone has ever stayed in these rooms can you give some information on them?


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    In Dec 2008, we booked the Great House Verandah suite and were in room 5206 and absolutely LOVED it! I was worried because you don’t hear too much about these type rooms, and we had booked before discovering the message board! We were quite surprised and pleased with this room! We had a beautiful, breathtaking view of the beach and also of the pool area (we were on the 3rd floor) ! The room was simple and elegant and more than enough room! Everything was spotless and definitely up to par! Because the swim up bar closes at 6 or 7 maybe, we NEVER had to worry about any noise from any loud guests. AND we didn’t realize that the AURA club was within the Greathouse as well until our 3rd day there (because things were so quiet). At night we left the balcony doors completely open with the sheers drawn (to keep out the mosquitoes) and only heard the lovely waves and tree frogs that lulled us to sleep each night. It was paradise. I’m sad that I forgot to record the sounds before leaving! Anyways, anyone worried about booking the GHVS, DON’T! It was perfect! Provide your email and I'll send you pictures.

    ***Added Bonus, the GHVS are located in the same building as My all time, favorite restaurant to eat! Patios Patio (banana stuffed French toast, smoothies & breakfast pizza) !

    As a side note, my husband and I are both lightweights when it's comes to drinking so we didn't get much use of the bar. As for the TV, we didn't use it that much as well. So for our next trip, we have booked an Atrium. We have recommended the GHVS to others travelling with us that would love & utilize the Bar area.

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    Jamaican Wifey,

    Thanks for the info. My email is Thanks for sending pictures!

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    Could you also send Pic's to Thanks

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    Thanks for the great information. You have helped to quiet my concerns. I would appreciate seeing the pictures.

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    Jamaican Wifey,

    Thanks for your post. You have helped to quiet my concerns I have booked a GHVS and will be visiting for the first time on Oct 17-22nd. I would really appreciate seeing your pictures.

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    Our last two trips we've stayed in a 1st floor Atrium. Great room, large verandah and a view of the beach.

    We had no bugs in our bathroom thanks to our friend. We named her Lucy!!

    Attachment 1047

    The bathroom in our unit had not been remodeled. It was still fine. The color of the tile is a little dated, but that is our only complaint.

    We have coffee, in the morning, out on the patio and then I grab drinks from the bar as we get ready for dinner.

    Attachment 1048

    Great sunsets.
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    Really they look just like any other room:
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Man that bed looks so comfortable.

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    Jamaican Wifey,

    Could you also send pics my way?


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    Default Send pics please

    Please send me pics also.


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    Default Pictures were sent...


    Just wanted to make sure you all received the pictures okay!

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    Could you please send pictures of the Big House Jacuzzi Suites or is it the same thing as where you stayed? We are going after Thanksgiving and want an oceanside/beachfront suite. This will be out first time. We are going for our 30th Anniversary. We think CSA is where we want to go.

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    We'll be staying at a GHVS in November. Could you please send the pics of the room? Thanks

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    Hi Jamaican Wifey ,

    Would you mind sending pictures to me at also?


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    I would also love to see your pics, since the special today is on the great house rooms. Do you have them posted on the MB? If not, please send to

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