Can someone identify the room numbers for the 360 views that show on the CSS "MAP & 360 VIEW"?


I think I know some and at least one is obvious (the eponymous PS "Hibiscus Cottage") but can someone help with the rest (challenge out to CSS experts - KarenOn, JackieMRP - I'm sure there are more but those are 2 names I see often).

These are the room views listed (with guesses if I have one):

Delux Ocean Verandah Suite (G-?)
One Bedroom Beachfront Suite (B-26 or A-26ish??)
One Bedroom Ocean Suite (G-? - can see elevator roof)
Deluxe Ocean Suite (D?)
Penthouse Suite (D-20/Roger Moore)

For DOVS I guess G b/c I think the roof in the distance is D block, but could be Bella Vista or something else.