Hi all,

I am working on figuring out what excursions to do on my upcoming Weddingmoon at CSS. I am wanting to book a horseback excursion (in case you couldn't tell by the title ), but am getting confused by the different options I have seen. I have a copy of the list of excursions from the tour desk, and it lists a Heritage Beach Ride, for $80. It also lists a Hooves Bush Doctor Ride, for $70. On my original confirmation email, it lists a Hooves Horseback Riding, for $90. I know for some of the excursions, Couples works with Chukka Caribbean Adventure. On their website, they offer a Horseback Ride'N'Swim for $74. Can someone please help me make sense of these options?! Also, if there is one better than the others, or if any of them are actually duplicates, just with different names. Along the same lines, I believe I read it on here somewhere, but can anyone confirm that if you book a tour directly through Chukka, they will come pick you up and drop you off for no charge...? Thank you so much!

1. Heritage Beach Ride $80
2. Hooves Bush Doctor Ride $70
3, Hooves Horseback Riding $90
4. Horseback Ride'N'Swim $74