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    Default Diffrences in beaches at CSA v CN?

    If anyone could explain the differences between these two beaches I would appreciate it. I think the resort beach will be the deciding factor for us.

    I realize one is one Bloody Bay and one is on 7 Mile beach so you can walk further on one but i'm looking for info on other things like i.e. which one will have more vendors and public access, better snorkeling, are there a lot of jet skiers etc, making noise, etc.,

    Really the idea of people trying to sell us stuff while we're trying to relax on the beach, even if they leave you alone if you tell the no thanks, is a real turn off. I like the idea of the private beaches at CSS and CTI but since we're going to be leaving the cold Canadian winter to get some sun I want to see white sand and aqua water!


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    cn= bloody bay the beach will be deeper from water line back to resort edge. Bloody bay is even calmer then long bay
    to the left is gln which is the end of the walkable bloody bay beach so less foot traffic. Jets skies to the right of CN which are annoying but a necessary evil i guess
    CN offer a nudie beach csa does not

    csa = long bay longer beach not as deep as CN. Csa location makes it prone to higher foot traffic at the water line and will see more vendors then the less populated bloody bay

    snorkling is nothing special off either beach as they are both sandy bottoms. the only resort that offer decent off beach snorkling is gln off their C/o cove area

    both beachs are incredible however bloody bay is imho much quieter and calmer enjoy

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreaminofJamaica2010 View Post
    . . . . I realize one is one Bloody Bay and one is on 7 Mile beach . . . .
    Both CN and CSA are located on Seven Mile Beach. CN is on Bloody Bay, which is approximately two miles in length, and the resort shares the bay with three other resorts (Grand Lido Negril and two Riu resorts).

    CSA is located on Long Bay, which is approximately five miles in length, and shares the bay with numerous other resorts, bars, and restaurants. There is much more foot traffic on Long Bay, including more vendors, but CSA also offers the opportunity to visit area bars and restaurants without leaving the beach.

    Both resorts are on "public" beaches, but all that means is that the public can walk along the shoreline. People who are not guests at your resort cannot grab a lounge chair and spend time there. We once saw two women from another resort try to do so, and security moved them along quickly.

    You can't snorkel from the beach at CN or CSA (well, you could, but there's nothing to see) like you can in, for instance, Grand Cayman, but the water sports department offers snorkeling trips for which you can sign up.

    We've been to CSA once and CN 12 times; we obviously prefer CN, but others prefer CSA. Each is on a fantastic stretch of beach, and neither resort will disappoint.
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    CSA is on 7 Mile Beach, CN is on Bloody Bay, they are separated by a little peninsula of sorts, you can not walk the beach and get from one to the other because of it.

    CSA is on the same beach as the majority of beach resorts in Negril, it shares the beach with many restaurants and bars, and lots of vendors as well. You can walk from CSA to Margaritaville.

    CN shares it's beach with I believe 4 other resorts and the Office of Nature, it is long enough for a "long" walk, and absolutely beautiful and calm.

    As stated above CN's beach from the water to the resort is wide....very wide, CSA's is longer but much narrower.

    Honestly we have stayed on both beaches although not at CSA, and I would have to flip a coin, love them both for different reasons. Love being able to walk till you can't walk anymore and explore other resorts along the way, but love the quieter calmness of Bloody Bay in comparison.

    You still have to take a cab to get to the cliffs from both resorts. (Rick's Cafe, etc).

    In short both beaches Rock!

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    Another noticeable difference between beaches: CN doens't have Elvis... We love Elvis! Razzl

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    CN only allows vendors on the resort certain days of the week and they set up in a specific area near building #1 on the beach.

    CN is more private considering that there are only a few resorts on Bloody Bay. On the other hand CSA is on a larger open stretch of beach which allows more beach vendors to pass by.

    There are less jet skies and ocean born noise at CN as compared to CSA.

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    Sounds like you should go to CN...
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    You will find vendors at both beaches (on the beach and in the water), but they will not bother you if you are relaxing on the beach. They typically only approach guests who are walking along the beach or in the water. There are jet ski vendors at both beaches and the "noise factor" is about equal. As a previous poster noted, both are public beaches, so you will have other people walking along the water line throughout the day, but neither one is "busy". Snorkeling trips provided by each resort are typically in the same areas, so again another equal.

    So, to me, the biggest differences in the beaches (besides the walkable length) are the following:

    #1: CSA is much more spread out, so their beach front is longer. I prefer this, as the beach feels less crowded to me.

    #2: The general "view". Due to the fact that CN is located on Bloody Bay, it looks more closed in and I get the feeling of being on a smaller beach than I do when at CSA. Being from the Gulf Coast, I am used to beaches that go on for as far as the eye can see, so I prefer CSA's beach.

    Hope this helps!

    Mark & April
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    Secret Rendezvous - 11/05 (CN), 06/07 (CSS), 12/12 (CTI)

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    Elvis is THE man! Dude is way cool.

    Have not been to CN, but I love the beach at CSA. I think both must be wonderful as I have never read or heard a bad word about either. If you love a good beach I'm sure you would be happy with either one. Soft, nearly white sand, clear blue water and sunsets at both. I think something other than the beach will be your deciding factor on which resort to visit as you will not be able to acquire a definitive answer as to which beach is best from the folks on this board. Biggest difference I think it the surroundings of the beaches. CN is on a secluded bay area and more private, where as CSA is a more coastal environment where you can wander up and down the beach and take in the culture of Negril. I prefer the openness of CSA myself, but others prefer the quiet seclusion of CN.

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    It sounds to me that you're hoping for less traffic... that should steer you to CN.

    That said, its been my experience that the vendor thing at SweptAway has been way overblown by folks, but I MUST emphasize that this is MY opinion. I've never really had a vendor bother me "between the lines" at SweptAway in seven previous visits. Maybe I look too much like a sourpuss, I don't know... but I prefer the open vistas and people watching that Long Bay offers.

    (Disclaimer - We stayed in Bloody Bay once, just as they were pounding stakes for CN... so lots has changed since our last visit.)

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    We have been to CSA 4x and visited CN on our last trip on the Trading Spaces program.

    We liked CSA's beach far better than CN's, since we like the really long, narrow beach. It felt less crowded to us. And although there were far more vendors walking the beach at CSA, there were still some at CN, and I have to admit, the parasailing and jetskiing on CN's beach were totally annoying. It could have just been the day we were there, but there were jetskis running up and down the beach all day. And I mean all day, and since it was a smaller beach, they seemed to be passing in front of us so than at CSA. And there was constantly a parasailing boat pulling someone into the air, and a parasailing shuttle taking someone out to the parasailing boat. (Not that there aren't jetskis and parasailers at CSA, but there is more beach to cover, so you don't see them back as often. At CN, they seemed to be on a short loop.)

    That being said: if someone dropped me for a week on EITHER beach, I wouldn't be unhappy or disappointed. I would lay there and soak up the sun and get a frosty beverage.

    Honestly, I would look more at the pics of the resort itself and let THAT make your decision for you. The beach is great at either one.

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