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Thread: Bring Rings?

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    When we traveled too Mexico we both wore our rings all the time. On the beach, pool, every excursion - and had no issues!

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    BRING THEM... if you don't lose them great....if you do...think of the Happy Jamaican fisherman when he pulls in his net

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    Just returned from CN. A man lost his ring and the lady said they looked for four hours for it before giving up. Not the happy times on the beach you'd hope for. When you take the catamaran ride the boat has an employee swimming in the cove with a mask and snorkle to save stuff lost! I still vote wear cheapies.

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    I opted to leave my engagement ring at home but wore my band without any problem, but with the sun screen it did feel a little slippery. my husband wore is band but his hands started to swell a few days in so he took it off and left it in the safe. we figured next time he wouldn't bring his. rather not risk loosing it.

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    Hi, We just returned From CSA. I usually never take my wedding ring off, I have lost quite a bit of weight and my ring is lose. But I still left it on for several days on the beach. However after seeing 2 Women lose their rings on the beach and security and several guest helping to search for their rings. I quickly started taking my ring off and leaving it in the safe. I felt so bad for these young ladies, they were both engagement rings. I personally wanted my wedding ring with me so if you bring it please leave it in the safe just for peace of mind.

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