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    Coke at CSA?? Just one more reason to love CSA!!! December just can't some soon enough!!

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    We just returned from at 12 night split at CN/CSA. Pepsi products were stocked at CN with no limits or problems at all. In fact we had zero issues at CN at all with anything.

    I wish we could have said the same thing for CSA. That resort has some serious service issue, especially with the in room bar service. We also had issues getting Pepsi products as well as sparkling wine and beer. I politely asked the Team Leader Jerome for help, left notes, filled out forms when we had them, called the front desk and spoke with a manager on duty a Ms. Campbell. It took 3 days to get a Diet Pepsi - YES they DO have just have to be persistent.

    What really was annoying was the young man Jerome was argumentative but he finally did show up with a Diet 11PM.

    Service was so disappointing at CSA we in fact asked to go back to CN however they had no rooms left in the category we had booked.

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    We were at CSA in August and were told by the guy that re-fills the in room bar that he could only put a maximum of 2 beers per day in the room. Never had that happen in 3 trips. I agree that the service is getting bad. It took us 3 days to even get anything in our room and we not only checked in online and requested what we wanted, but also took a list to the front desk.

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    I was very disappointed to read about the service problems at CSA. We have a return trip planned for December to CSA and have not experienced problems in the past. For our 2013 trip, we were hoping to convince some of our relatives to travel to CSA with us instead of returning to Couples Negril where we traveled together several years ago. I guess we will see how things are going at CSA and then make that decision.

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    I can life with the limits if we have to . What I cannot deal with is the inability to even GET one of something. We didn't ask for ANY liquor. Just Diet Pepsi, Beer and ONCE a bottle of sparkling wine. We set everything else out on the side for them to take back thinking that might free up some $$ for them to give us a Diet Pepsi and a beer. HHEHEHEHEHEHE....NOPE....All we received is an attitude from Mr. Jerome the Team Leader.

    BTW....IDN feel bad placing any names here since we spoke to him numerous times as well as a manager, Ms. Campbell, the Front Office Manager, I think her name was Ms. Davis and noted it on the guest survey. NOTHING was corrected. I always tell people not to complain on public forums is they did not address the issue at the time it occurred. We did to no avail. It appears this has been and continues to be an ongoing problem at CSA. Not a problem at CTI or it MUST be a management issue.

    Also there was NO Baileys at CSA only Rum Creme what is up with that? For the price we are paying and they claim they have top shelf alcohol what upper end resort does not have BAILEY's? Had it at CTI & CN. Serious issues at CSA...........

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    Hooray for Coke products! Although the glass-bottle Pepsi wasn't awful, do prefer a proper Coke. BTW, Ting is available by the can in the UK in Sainsbury's grocery stores. In the "international food" section. :-)

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