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    Default The wonderful water bottles, CSA?

    We love our Couples vacations. Love CSA most, did CTI as well. We did the day trips to CN & CSS. They were beautiful as well. Were going to CSA again in October, does anyone know if they have decided to give the great water bottles there as well as CTI. They were a great idea & we all loved our bottles. We hope they are now trying to be eco friendly at CSA as well.
    Does anyone know if there has been any major updates at CSA in the past 2 years? We love it there so much & cant wait to be home again at CSA. We have a small group going again this year so we should have a blast! Does anyone know if Chris is still at Feathers? He was a wonderful waiter. Everyone is absolutely wonderful.

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    Haven't been to CSA since last August and the water bottles weren't there then. I'd love to see CSA get those water bottles too. It's a great idea and just one more thing that sets them apart from other resorts!!!

    Can't wait to be back home in 2 months!!!

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    When are you going to SA Coleen? Maybe we will see you there?

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