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    True Love at CTI. After a surprise engagement proposal on Tower Island Private Dinner, we lucky to make it on the Couples Sunset Cruise it was a wonderful experience and we were able to take this once in a lifetime picture. I love Couples. The resort made this trip truly magical.


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    I miss waking up to to this view. For this non-morning girl, waking up at 7am to start the day was relaxing and breathtaking (not to mention great food and coffee). I miss it every morning now that I am back in Chicago.


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    After raining all day on our 1st day in paradise, the weather cleared for this breath-taking sunset. A perfect honeymoon. Name:  image.jpg
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Size:  193.4 KB praising god for marriage, pretty sunsets, and jamaica mon! Name:  image.jpg
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    Taking it easy.
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    Sunset at CSA.
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    Cat Cruise.

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    Name:  Main_Beach_at_CSS.jpg
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Size:  293.0 KBI want to wrap my four walls with this image!Name:  SSB.jpg
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Size:  298.3 KBThe only thing missing is you.Name:  Sails.jpg
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Size:  281.0 KBAlways ready and waiting.

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    Beautiful day from 3304. We LOVE this room.

    Late night lobby. Elegance when you enter.

    Looking back to my favorite spot on the resort; the bar

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    Name:  anita.jpg
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    Anita sitting pretty for the camera at CSS! <3

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    [QUOTE=cojones59;193391]Name:  Main_Beach_at_CSS.jpg
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Size:  293.0 KBI want to wrap my four walls with this image!

    What did you use to take this picture?

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    Name:  Island Photo Contest Resize.jpg
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    Everything's gonna be alright

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    Name:  Bayside Photo Contest Resize.jpg
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    Patiently waiting for dinner at Bayside..............Mmmmmmmmm so good!

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    Name:  Snorkeling Birds Photo Contest Resize.jpg
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    While snorkeling at CTI :-)

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    A Couples vacation brings back the spark and fire.

    Island time with friends

    Beautiful Sunset, Beautiful Wife

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