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    Has anyone else noticed that according to the web site, CTI now only has all it's resaurants open on two days each week? It looks like Monday only has the beach party if you're not at the repeaters dinner. I was also looking at CSA and it seems their restaurant schedule has changed as well.

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    I had a look, and their 'Special Nights' do not seem to add up with the bufet closures. For instance there is no special night listed for Wednesday but it states the patio buffet is closed. I think there may be some error in the changes listed?

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    We just returned last week.
    Just returned from CTI

    Bayside, 8 Rivers, Patio and Verandah were closed on Monday night, we had dinner at 8 rivers for repeaters. You can go to the beach party, pool grill or room service

    Patio was closed a few nights but there was still enough options, we had dinner at Bayside on Tue & Wed, 8 Rivers on Thur and Friday and the Grand Buffet on Saturday, Sunday was room service.

    All were excellent, actually the best of all the other Couples resorts that we have visited (CN, CSS).

    We want to try CSA next so that we will have stayed at all (4) properties but CTI was SO GOOD that it might be hard to go somewhere else.

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    Daff, last year when we were there thee was no evening buffet it was a la carte. Not the same in my view. It aseems they have cut back even more.

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    If I can eat Bayside every night, I'm holding them to that schedule...

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    drpcwp, you should try CSA. Our number one is CTI and the food, staff and Resort are the best but we've gone to all of them and CSA has more restaurants and some really great food. We also had the best 90 min couples massage ever there. We'll be back to CTI in two weeks, can't wait.

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    we have been going to couples resorts for 10 years I realy never replyed to a message bord but I think is time we spent most of our time at csa but for the past 3 years we spent our time at CTI. we noticed at CSA the food was not that good at the palms it was a jumping place at one time, but there was not that entertainment that they had before. Now I am reading at CTi that patio restaurant is not open all the Time it's looks like they are cutting back we like the option of eating we're we want we will be at CTI sept 23 this weekend I hope we are not disappointed Thank you

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    The buffet being changed to menu-service in the evenings makes perfect financial sense, and I can totally understand them shutting it down a couple nights a week. Buffets encourage a lot of waste, as well as over-eating. Imagine trying to manage their food budget and seeing the waste of a buffet. I would probably make the same decision if I were in charge of food service at a resort.

    Between Eight Rivers, Verandah, Bayside and the Pool grill, there are always so many food choices I cannot imagine anyone going hungry, or being disappointed. Even when there is a special event you can still go to the grill, or even order room service!

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    We were there in July and didn't notice a problem with restaurant closures. Yes, the buffet is ala cart now in the evening, but not an issue. I felt the room service menu could of had a few more or better/healthier choices for dinner.

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    Unless the room service menu has changed them you may as wll go to the beach grill. While the food there is good I do not eat that sort of food often and particularly for dinner. Too calorific and unheathy.

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