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    Default Is Repeater's Dinner Still Held At Lychee At Couples Negril?

    We will be coming "home" to CN in a mere 36 days!! Beyond excited! Our 5th trip! Can anyone tell me if the Repeater's Dinner is still held at Lychee or have they moved it back to Otaheite? I saw a posting of an activity sheet from March and it said Otaheite was only closed on a Thurs. and Lychee is closed on a Mon. This leads one to believe that the dinner is still at Lychee, however I also read that may change depending on high/low season at the resort. We have never been there in the fall before.

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    Great question. We're going back to CN in October and curious to know where this dinner is held also.

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    We just returned from CN and the dinner was at Lychee.

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    We go in February and have for the last 4 years, which means we have had 3 repeaters dinners. In 2010 and 2012 it was held outside, and in 2011 it was held in Lychee. I was told it depends on 2 things, number of repeaters and what the weather is forecast to be as to whether it will be held inside or outside. I liked outside simply because it was not nearly as noisy. Regardless where it is held though it is fun and the food it scrumpdilicious!!!

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    It was held at Lychee as well last July when we were there. It appears as though that is the new home of the Repeater's Dinner. I see that Otaheite is now open on a Mon. evening and that is where they used to have it. I liked it better there.

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    We just did CN (Sept 8-15) and the Repeater Dinner was Monday night at Lychee. 30 couples at 3 long tables. We sat with Konrad (Food & Beverage Manager) and he was great.
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