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    Default Couples Negril Suite Question

    Hi, I am going to be staying at Couples Negril for 5 nights in November. I would like a suite but am really torn between the Beachfront Suite and the Garden Suite. I have read many reviews about the suites and a lot of people state that that many of the beachfront suites dont actually have an ocean view. Did any of you find this to be the case in your stays?

    Also, I wonder what the view is like from the Garden Suites porches/balconies. I couldn't really find much in the way of pics for this.

    In addition, I notice on the resort map that the back side of the Garden Suite building appears to be somewhat close to the road. Has road noise been an issue for anyone who has stayed in the Garden Suites?

    Lastly, I am curious as to how close the Suites are to the actual beach. From the map I can tell that the Beachfront are very close, but how much farther are the Garden Suite Rooms?

    Does anyone have an opinion as to whether the Beachfront Suites are worth the extra money over the Garden Suites?


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    Hi Veritaz!

    We had a Beachfront Suite the time we were there and it was fantastic.
    Building #9, Suite 9308... #2 Floor and perfect view over the beach and ocean.

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    We stayed in a garden suite last Dec.- Bldg. 8 - 3rd floor and absolutely loved it! The view from our balcony was gorgeous; we overlooked the wedding area AND we had a small view of the water.
    The only place we heard any road noise at all was in the bathroom and this only once in a while. The walk to the beach is minimal; CN is not that big. In my opinion I would not pay extra for a beach-front suite. If you have any other questions just let me know.

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    Hi - we've always stayed in the beachfront suites and have never, ever experienced a problem with not having an ocean view. They're wonderful!!!

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    Default Suite views

    Hello! You should be prepared for the chance that you won't have an ocean view from the Beachfront Suite. We have experienced both. It's disappointing to find you don't have a water view. I won't lie about that, but the view is such a small part of the vacation, that you will find it unimportant as your days unfold. Make a request for a higher floor in buildings #1,6 and 9 and hope for the best. Where ever you are you'll be caught up in the magic that is Couples.

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    We just returned from CN. Had a BF Suite 3rd floor, bldg 5. Peek-a-boo view of ocean thru trees. IMO not worth the extra $. From reading previous posts, it looks as if other bldgs would have better views, and you can request a specific bldg, but they won't guarantee it. The suite is bigger, and there's a hammock on the deck, but IMHO not worth the extra $$. We've also had a regular BF room....also only a peek-a-boo view. I LOVE CN, but next time I'm going to save myself some $$ and book a Garden View room

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