Ahh... just booked our 7-day honeymoon and we couldn't be happier with our choice of CSA. The forum here was certainly a bit of help at times, so thanks! That being said, I do have some questions...

1) We're staying in a premier beachfront suite. Is there somewhere we could see more of the inside of the room? The 360 view is from out on the patio and you can see in the room, but not that much.

2) Tours... are there any "must-do" trips? We're thinking about doing the zip-line, but aren't sure about the rest. Also, what about non-CSA tours?

3) Tipping... I know there is a no-tipping policy, but at the same time, I've seen reviews here and there that mentioned having to tip on the trips and the airport bus... is this correct?

4) Bars... what's the policy on bringing your own cups? We're thinking of bringing some insulated Tervis Tumblers to help keep things cool... will they fill them up at the bars on the beach/by the pool? If so... does size matter (zing)?

5) How is the snorkeling?

So excited for our first trip as a married couple!