We visited CSS many moons ago before it was part of the Couples family and since we have come to love our Couples vacations so much we are considering going back there in the spring. But we do have a few questions we would appreciate some help with...

1) What is the least expensive nice room that will ensure that we have a nice balcony? Is there a clear 'best choice' of rooms for those of us who love a balcony with a nice view without drastically increasing our vacation expense?

2) There seem to be fewer restaurant options for dinner at CSS than at CN or CSA. Does this make getting dinner reservations at the nicer restaurants more difficult during high season?

3) How many of the choices for dinner are indoors with A/C? (This is not a deal breaker, but we do like to have a comfortable cool dinner sometimes even in Jamaica)

4) It looks like two of the restaurants say they are closed Tuesdays and Fridays. Is this because of special dinners on the beach or something?

Thanks very much for sharing you expertise on CSS!
All the best-