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    Default Booking our first trip to a Couples resort and have some questions....

    Counting on y'all for help....
    We are leaning toward CSS right now based on what we have seen on the website only. I am a little concerned about the beach there. I have read via this forum and some other reviews that it is small and "rocky". I assume "rocky" means coarser sand with pebbles? My wife and I split time between beach and pool.... Is the pool layout, size, etc. a plus or a minus at CSS? We are looking at the beachfront 1 bedroom suite. Can any of you give me some feedback on the quality of those accommodations? Some reviews I read stated that the furniture and rooms in general needed an upgrade. Final question, (for now ), both of us like to go "into town" and do some shopping, visit some different places to eat and have a drink, and the normal look around stuff. Does CSS afford that opp or is that going to be something better accomplished if we chose a Negril property? TIA for your help!
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