We just returned from a week at CSS after staying at CN last year. This was our fourth trip to CSS and we loved it as always. A few observations

1. Why do we bother with the pre-checkin if they act like they have never heard of you before when you actually check-in? Had to spend the first hour chasing down our early booking and repeaters credits.
2. No mini bar order forms - just call room service but you must be in the room for them to deliver. Also room service menu has been greatly reduced - only burgers and sandwiches - you used to be able to order a steak or fish if you wanted dinner in.
3. Loved popcorn on the beach - not sure if that is new or I just never noticed it before.
4. No lunch buffet - salads and desserts at Palizzino's are buffet but main course is off a menu.
5. They are sandbagging at SSB in an attempt to redirect the river - hope it works!
6. Stayed in B Block this time - we usually stay in G block and although I missed the view and the huge balcony it was super convenient being on beach level.
7. Dive crew was great as always. DH developed an ear infection after the first few days - the nurse had a doctor at the resort within an hour. No more diving for him but I was impressed with how fast he was able to be seen.
8. Repeat dinner on Wednesday (same as lobster night) not a buffet held in the Hellonica suite next to Palizzina's, steak dinner with 2 lobster medallions, not a full tail.
9. There is really nothing better than a message in one of the huts on the cliffs, nothing at any resort I have been to can top that.
10. Loved the visiting fitness instructor Connie, went to sunrise yoga twice (also a boot camp and water aerobics class as well).
11. New bathrooms in the balloon bar are coming to the other public bathrooms (the pool bathrooms definitely needed a redo!)

We met lots of nice people but sadly are back to the grind of the real world. Counting down to our 2013 trip starting now...