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    Hey all!!

    There is a possibility that my husband and I, maybe a couple couple friends will be going in October of 2013. I will be honest, we go next door to BGN but I'm not sure how long that will be are looking at other options. Couples was where I wanted to book when we went to BGN last year, but we couldn't get any flights that worked...ok, moving on to my questions/concerns and I would love some honest feedback.

    We did the au natural thing at BGN for the very first time and loved it. Before we did that, I wanted to leave. The resort is huge on the clothing side and I like to get to know people, hang out and have fun! When we hung out at the C/O side (and there was no one with clothes on nor were there any gawkers) we had a great time. With in hours we were talking and laughing with several people, some of which we will be meeting there again this year...

    I love that the C/O side is secluded over there. Its tucked away and feels much more like a cozy resort with a great central area for activities/food/drinks. I know that CN is nude right on the 7 mile beach and there is no there a hot tub on the Au Natural side?

    Is the atmosphere an upbeat one? I don't mean party, I love to relax, but I also love people and laughing and having a great time!

    Is the Au Natural side really open 24/7? Some of the best times we had were after eating and dancing and then we'd go hang out in the hottub (another reason this is important-I don't want to be in the ocean at night...too dangerous or I'm chicken, one of the two)

    I know you aren't allowed to take pictures over there...but can someone tell me where to locate the beach on the map? Is it the one right next to BGN and has this little closure of trees (it looks like? It's on the right when looking at the map on this site).

    I really want to go to Couples...I always have. I also love the message boards and the fact that people seem to forge relationships like we did with several couples and meet up again, again like we did. I just want to be sure I'm understanding it all right!

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    Are you set on it being the Negril side of Jamaica? We went to CSS last year and are returning this February. We had never tried AN, but really enjoyed it. It was a pretty private area, the occasional fishermen or a Jamaican guy we saw a lot standing on the sand bar smoking. 99.9% of the time there was nobody else around except the AN people. The beach is obviously not as nice as the 7-mile beach, but there is a nice little beach, pool with swim up bar and hot tub. The people were super nice and it was very easy to talk to anybody there. Just a thought, but if your mind is made up on the Negril side, that wouldn't be an option for you.

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    Here are a couple of the CN resort and another of a closer view of the A/N beach area.

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    This is my honest opinion. We love Couples, and we really enjoyed the A/N, but it was not as good of an experience at CN like it was at CSS. AT CN we did not meet ayone else, everyone kept to themselves, and when floating in the water, you have such a small area to float in. Before you know it, you could be floating right beside people with clothes on. I love going in the water, so for me this was huge. AT CSS its so private with a large beach. WE made so many friends, and the sea is just beautiful to swim in. Its not the sandy beach like CN, but the shoreline is covered in trees and the water is green, and you can swim or float all over without bumping into anyone else. Its beautiful. Very tranquil serene and relaxing.

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    What I can't understand is that if you want a closed in, tucked away area for A/N why not go to a nudist resort? That way you are guaranteed not to be seen. I like CN BECAUSE you are not relagated to an area over the other side of the island. On another post I mentioned that the way CTI ans CSS do it makes me feel like a leper. It gives me a closed in feeling like I'm not at the same resort as the so called normal people.
    Captain Jim
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    I love the AN beach at Couples Negril. Doesn't bother me in the least that people walk by - they are more embarrased by nudity than me. grayturtless, I'm surprised you felt the people weren't that friendly. I've been there twice and always found the people on the AN beach friendlier than those on the textile beach. I will admit that I was tempted to try CSS but decided not to because I've heard that the beach (sand not as soft and very rocky) isn't as nice as the one at CN. One of our favorite things to do is after dinner, go in the hottub with a bottle of champagne and look at the stars.

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    I totally agree as well... I love the CN AN section because it is on the beach not hidden on the worst part of the resort area....

    I am afraid that with the pending acquisition of BGN that the AN section will get relegated off the best beach around (bloody bay) to the rocky cove area where the current C/O area is at BGN. ...that brings up another point, I hope that Couples keeps the AN designation in any case and NOT allow C/O. I know people will argue there is no difference.... but there really is.

    If either of these happen we may have to find our way to another resort after 7 years at CN.... we purposely stay away from the "mega-resorts".... and that is what I think that CN may become if they are talking 420-600 rooms in the end (depending on how you interpret the news reports). The quaint feeling of a compact resort may soon be lost... I only hope it doesn't happen before our next scheduled visit in Feb 2013.

    ....also, we have meet the friendliest people in the world (and from across the world for that matter) on the AN beach... we are our own little fraternity while on the resort. Even when we are on the textile side we all seem to have un-stated friendliness among us.

    I guess time will tell.... But as Randy has said no info will be communicated by Couples until the deal is done... which by all accounts is Nov. 30th

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
    What I can't understand is that if you want a closed in, tucked away area for A/N why not go to a nudist resort? That way you are guaranteed not to be seen. I like CN BECAUSE you are not relagated to an area over the other side of the island. On another post I mentioned that the way CTI ans CSS do it makes me feel like a leper. It gives me a closed in feeling like I'm not at the same resort as the so called normal people.
    Captain Jim... it's great that you love the set-up for the au-natural area at CN. I really want to go there some time! We've been hooked on CSS for seven years. As a Sunset Beach booster I must remind you that your feeling of "leper-hood" is highly personal and not at all representative of those of us who love Sunset Beach and Tower Island. Both SSB and TI are very unique and really quite amazing. Far from feeling like a leper, my wife and I feel quite privileged to have such a beautiful spot as SSB all to our au-natural selves. We love the peaceful walk over to that part of the resort, the cool river water flowing past the beach and the majestic view of the mountains stretching to the west. At both CSS and CTI, it is to the credit of Couples that such a wonderful accommodation has been made for those of us who value the au-natural experience. It would not be practical at either CSS or CTI to have a nude beach area in any other way.

    So keep on going and enjoying Couples Negril. I hope to see you there some day... and we can toast to a concept- Viva la difference!

    Dan (aka fabfifty)

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    we have been to both CN and CSS. While CN is our first love, you can't beat the set up at CSS.
    CN: the sand is better, it is smaller and you can float in the water. Easy to get in and out of the water. We have always met some of the most amazing people at CN AN area and kept in touch. grayturtless it must have just been a timing thing.
    CSS: The pool and grill area are awesome. Swim up bar. Have also had a blast with the people there. The sand is not as good, and there are som rocks for a few feet out when you go into the water. Take some water shoes with you. I have been told its from the river next to SSB. The water is also a little rougher at times, not easy to float. Very secluded. No venders or gawkers like in CN.
    We usually go to CN in May and CSS in Nov. and are going back to CSS in 9 weeks.
    There is something special about both places.

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