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    Default CN Delux Garden Room Vs Garden Suite

    We're booked to stay at Couples Negril in a few weeks in a Deluxe Garen Room and are considering upgrading the the larger Garden Jr. Suite. Might be kinda nice to have the larger room, jacuzzi and larger balcony especially if the rain gets to be too much.
    The question is is the upgrade worth it?
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    We've stayed in both. Our first 2 trips to CN we stayed in a Garden Room in building #3. Our last trip was a Garden Suite in Building #8.
    The suite was very nice and is actually twice the size of a standard room. The bathroom is huge and does have a jacuzzi tub which we never used but the seperate shower is nice and big.
    We did have dinner on the balcony one night which was very nice (a suite only perk) and the hors d'oeuvres delivered to your room before dinner is a nice touch.
    We really didn't like being on the south end block of rooms (suite) as much as the north end of the resort. As nice as the suite was, we really missed the more tropical feel of the area around building #3 and we were just fine with the room size and amenities of a standard room.
    You can read a thousand comments on this board that you are not in your room is true, you're not.
    We're heading to our second "home" CSS next April and will return to CN the following year. We will be requesting building #3 or #4 for sure. The extra cost of a suite would cover our airfare...almost.
    The picture is from our Garden Room in Building #3.
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    I love the Deluxe Garden Room. It is just perfect for us. We aren't in the room very much. I would save the money.

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    We just returned from CN for the 2nd time and we love the Garden Room. It is big enough and we are never in the room so we like to use the dollars saved on other things.

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    We stayed in the suites at CN for 2 different trips and this last trip we stayed in a garden deluxe in building 4. Loved it and don't think we will stay in the suites again. The money we saved made up for the increase in air fare's plus and we are not in the room much. I thought I would love the hammock on the suites, and in the 2 trips, both 10 days, I bet we spent a total of 2 hours in it. But as I always say, it is your vacation, your dream and you need to do what makes you happy. Enjoy!

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    This will be my first time at Couple Negril and I believe EVERYONE who participates on this message board should take a bow. Out of all the message boards I've seen this one has the most helpful people on it and it feels like one big HAPPY family. Thanks for all the input! I'm gonna have a little trouble sleeping tonight because I'm leaving for Couple Negril in the morning!

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