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    Wish us luck,we are leaving for CN on Mon. and all of our flights are AA.

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    good luck.the last time we AA to jamaica our luggage got there the next day.mainly because of changing planes in flights are best.

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    Fingers and toes crossed for you ! Let us know how your trip is. Would love to have a trip report---miss CN so-o-o-o much!

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    Got here alright, everything's great!

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    Glad you got there without incident. We are flying AA on 10/24. Hope it's all resolved by then.

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    Glad you made it there! Keep us posted on your return trip home. I just replied to the thread in the main message board area; as we just checked our flights for January and they had changed. I'm hoping this is the final modification they make; however I will be checking it weekly now.

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    We got home on time. Good luck!

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    We had a succesful trip with American Airlines. We just got home yesterday from CN, and there was no more changes. The flights were on time and we had zero issues with our departure flights and return flights. I would probably fly them again, if they offer the great deals again for 2014.

    Terry & Ashley

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