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    Default Leave on Friday- so excited but have a few questions...

    We arrive Friday, September 28th at CSA - our first time for our 25th anniversary! We are so excited and feeling good about most things but have a few last minute questions.

    Is it chilly enough in the evening for a light sweater/wrap?

    Is there Wi-FI for checking emails?

    Did I read somewhere there are IPOD docks or plug ins for playing music in the room?

    Otherwise, I think we are READY So looking forward to it and have gathered so much great information on here!

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    So jealous they Friday is your departure date. We are set for Oct 2013.
    While I can't speak of the weather in Sept, we went in Jan 2011 and I only work a jacket two evenings.
    We had wi-fi in our atrium suite and didn't have an issue with it at all. Also, there was an ipod dock.
    Have a great trip!

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    Congratulations on your 25th anniversary! Where you might need a sweater or a light wrap, in all honesty, is at Feathers (the indoor airconditioned restaurant). Otherwise, I just read some reviews on Trip Advisor, and everyone was saying how warm it was at night. We usually go in February, and even then it is not cool enough at night for a sweater. One other place where a light coverup would be nice is on the catamaran cruise. If you go swimming while on the cruise, it gets kind of chilly coming back because it is late in the day.

    Yes, there is Wi-fi.

    Yes, there are docking stations in the room.

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    Yes it is chilly enough for a wrap/sweater at night. There is Wi-Fi and a computer room for your use. Also, there are Ipod docks in the rooms. You are going to love CSA. It's our favorite. Have a blast!

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    Bearso has it down perfectly. Congrats. We went for our 25th anniversary and we keep going back, year after year. Be excited, be very excited!

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    Maryunc let your stud husband keep you warm, See you in a week, your old friend from SC!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanfastic View Post
    Maryunc let your stud husband keep you warm, See you in a week, your old friend from SC!
    No worries on that! See you soon!!

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    Thank you all so much for the informatin and well wishes! I can not begin to tell you how much these message boards have helped and confirmed our decision to go to CSA before we even arrive. Can't wait to be part of the "family"!

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    are the docking stations in the room only for iPods or do they accommodate other types of MP3 players?

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