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    Default Our 1st trip to CTI a few questions

    It is our 1st trip to CTI and we are so excited! Especially after reading the message board! I have a few questions. When do we purchase the resort credit or is that necessary? Or would we be better putting everything on our card? And calling back home? Would we be better charging that to our room or getting nation wide just for our trip? Thank you for the help

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    No need to purchase a resort credit? they take your cc when you check in just like any other hotel in case you charge something to your room.

    I would use Skype or Facetime, also Verizon wireless works there but can be expensive, you can text cheap or if you must "talk" then you could rent a Ja cell phone

    if you still have a landline phone at your house you could always get them to call you each evening at a pre determined time, LD rates are cheaper from the US to Ja than calling from your room back to the US

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    We typically just add Jamaica to our cell plan for a month if needed. Depends how much you need to call home. We don't.

    You don't purchase resort credit. That is a perk that is offered at different times, or with Romance Rewards. Anything at the resort can be charged to your room and then settle the bill when you check out.

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    If you have a smart phone or a tablet ( Ipad, etc ), I suggest Skype. The resort has wifi you can access in certain areas and Skype is very cheap to use.

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    Hi devad,

    I'm a little confused by your question, so I will just wing-it and try to answer.

    You don't purchase your resort credit. It's your credit, the resort is giving to you. You can spend this credit numerous ways once you are at the resort. Like on spa services or an island dinner, etc....

    As far as phone calls, maybe purchase a calling card or charge it to the room. I don't recall it being that expensive having to charge it to the room.

    I don't know if I've answered your questions, but hope I did. Have a great vacation!

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    Resort credit is offered with bookings at times. It is also given to repeat guests who are Romance Rewards members and the amount is based on your level. CTI is cashless, so purchases or services (spa) are all charged to your room.

    For calling, we've had a Digicell purchased on line, last year our oldest called my cell and got through. Not horrible in cost & we have Verizon, but it's not reliable. This past visit we used SKYPE on my phone.

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