Hi all,

I just returned from my first vacation to CN and I loved the AN area there! We have previously stayed at CTI and enjoyed the island. Now, I am in the process of booking next year's vacation and we have decided to go to CSS. I've been doing my research on CSS, f which included reading reviews on TripAdvisor. A few reviewers on TA stated that you must put your "stuff" out on a lounger on the beach before 8:00 am before going off to breakfast or the gym or back to bed, because if you wait until 10:00 am, when you actually want to use a lounger, none will be available. I really don't like doing things this way.

Which brings me to my question: How crowded does the SSB area get during September? I know that's the slow season and I also know from experience that, in general, nude beaches are less crowded than textile beaches. So I'm hoping that when my husband and I go over to SSB at around 10:00 or 11:00 am we will still be able to find at least two available pool or beach loungers. Can those of you who have been to CSS - SSB at that time of year tell me if I'm hoping in vain? How crowded does SSB get at that time of year?