Hi everyone,
I have been a lurker for forever. My wife and I have been talking about going to a couples resort for over a year now and now I'm getting ready to book for Sept 2013 for our 15 year anniversary. We are crazy excited! Two kids and busy lives and we're looking forward to spending a week all about us and nothing else.
So help me decide (I know there are threads about this all the time, but I know ya'll are nice and will chime in). A friend has been to SS and it is very appealing because it sounds the most intimate, and romantic. I've read a bunch about it and plan to reserve a PH suite. But just in case I like to make sure I've done my research, so if you consider what we're looking for what would you veterans say?
- We most want the ability to find some quiet ... not "dead" but just like being able to find a spot and relax with each other.
- Having said that we do like some night life. A little dancing and staying up "late" for once would be really nice. It's been years...
- We're both regular "exercisers" (like to road and mountain bike) and I like to get something in daily. Would like decent gym facilities.
- Really like quality food that I can enjoy and savor. We're foodies and believe that the dining should be an experience as well. Certainly want variety.
- Of course we're there for some sun and beach and pool and playing in the water on kayaks etc ...

I've read a little about the other Couples resorts and maybe CTI is better for the nightlife, there are better beaches than SS and if you're wanting to keep training for that next event SA is the ticket. But my impression of SS is that it aligns best with our first desire in the list, which is why I'm leaning towards it.

Thanks for reading