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    Default Entertainment Staff @ CN

    Hi, Question to anyone who has been to CN in the last couple of months.... who is currently on the entertainment staff? I noticed that Carlos recently rec'd an award so I'm assuming he's still there... is Nellie still in charge (she was doing an excellent job on our most recent visit) ... hoping to see many familiar smiling faces when we next visit Thanks and Have a Wonderful Day !
    Art xo Francine

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    Hi A&F,

    As you know we haven't been to CN in the past few months, but will take a stab at current line up anyway.

    We do know that Kadeen has left as of several months ago.

    Confident that Nelka/Nellie is still the lead and think that the others are:
    Anjelica, Carlos, Tiffany, Candace, Menard, and Jamion.

    The last 3 names are from this recent post (9/29/12):

    Gary&Patti were there last month and are familiar with everyone's names so perhaps they'll see your post.

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    Thanks Rudi ! You Are The Best Now we just need to find out if Sparkling Wine is still an option for the mini bar !
    Art xo Francine

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    Anjelica was not there when we were there in September. Carlos, Tiffany and Menard were there for sure. I can't remember if Candace and Jamion were there. I guess we'll have to go back and check!

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    If Jamion is still there watch out for his evil so called twin named Jamie. When we was there in July ,we never did see his evil twin. no problem with his twin

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    We just returned from CN.
    Entertainment Team was, Nelka, Carlos, Menard, Kemar, Candace & Amoy.
    Yes Francine - you can still get sparking wine is still an option for your mini bar.

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    Nellie is perfect. Not only is she great looking, but one of the smartest people I have met.
    Thank you, Nellie, for resolving our issue.

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    Is Anjelica still there?

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    I believe Angelica is studying to be a nurse and I belive she has left couples

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    Thanks Sharker we really loved her! We will miss her in 3 weeks!

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    Hi all,

    I was hoping some of the recent guests to Couples Negril could give an update on the current Entertainment Staff.

    I know they all work really hard and can make the vacation even more memorable.


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