My fiancé and I are looking to book with Couples for our honeymoon - June 10, 2013 but are having a difficult time deciding between the four wonderful resorts!!! Can any of you provide any recommendations for a young couple (30 years old) who are looking to relax and take in the Jamaican culture?

I've seen in previous posts that you can split your vacation at different resorts, would any of you recommend this? We're looking to go for 10 days, but could possible stretch it to 12 and split the vacation 6 days at one and 6 days at another.

Neither of us have been to Jamaica but we are lovers of the arts, music, and food. Any information from returning vacationers would be so much appreciated!!

Also, when booking through can we expect that the prices will not really drop between now and June? We're looking at spending between 4000$-4600$ if we book now....should we wait?