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    Hi folks and greetings from a very wet and cold UK,

    We've just booked our third trip to Couples for Feb 2013 - we've been to Negril (2007) and Swept Away (2010) ...this time we're trying CTI. In both CN and CSA there were bathrobes in the rooms. They aren't mentioned on the room descriptions for CTI - well not for our category anyway. Do they not provide them as standard there?? I hope so - I love them :-)

    Also interested to know a bit more about the location of garden view rooms. They are mentioned as being in two different blocks. Is one better than another? Any info very gratefully received.

    17 weeks and counting :-)


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    There are bathrobes in CTI rooms. And the garden view rooms are all gorgeous, and I don't think there's an advantageous location. It's all personal preference but the whole resort is so small, it really won't matter. Enjoy!

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    Thanks improvgirl - that's really good to know. We're looking forward to expanding our Couples repertoire :-)

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