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    Default Some questions about Couples

    We have previously stayed in Jamaica at H (II and III). We are considering staying at one of the Couples resorts this coming winter. Has anyone been to both resorts and can you compare the two? We like the clothing optional aspects of H\ but could do without some of the raucous behavior. Any suggestions? Can anyone compare the Jamaica Couples resorts with some of the ones on the other islands? The web sites don't mention clothing optional, but I'm getting the impression it is acceptable but not advertised.


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    You can't compare the "H" resort to Couples.

    The resorts that offer nude sunbathing are simply that. NUDE not clothing optional.

    Those of us who enjoy Couples Resorts have found the best of the best.

    You can't compare Couples Resorts in Jamaica to Mexico, Aruba or any other island. Each resort is unique to itself and can't be compared to the other. It's an experience not just a vacation.

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    Been to both Couples and "H".

    Couples is nothing like the other place, Couples is for adults that have grown up.

    At Couples nothing dirty is going on in public display.

    Couples has very good food, 5 star, the other does not.

    At Couples all the staff are friendly to you and are their to serve you, the other most are not.

    Couples is for two lovers that arrive together, the other is a rowdy party with singles in the mix.

    The two resorts are not in the same league and are they are not trying to serve the same crowd.

    Couples is Classy and the other is wicked.

    Couples included a lot things to do on and off the resort and they really do them, the other does not include anything off the resort and does not do most of the things they say they will be doing in the resort.

    Couples does not offer clothing optional sun bathing, just clothed, nude, and topless depending on the resort. This puts everyone on the same level and helps control problems.

    If you want a nice resort without the wicked, then Couples is it.
    Irie Mon

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    couples is a higher end resort which attracts hence the name couples
    couples allows AN area but as other have said frown and condemn any PDA.
    couples as a higher end resort has much better food and drink selections
    couples is very very laid back if you even want to try t ocompare it to hedo ( really an apples to oranges comparison)
    now if you want a couple/hedo type vibe you may want to look at the des ire resort in puerto morales mex.. there you get the high end couples only resort with the sensually charge environment.
    couples if a great chain just make sure it is offering what you want...
    so if you want romance high end and a chance to be wicked there are a few places that marry these together well however thaty are not in negril enjoy

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