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    Default Watching football @ CSA Sports Bar?

    We've stayed at CSA a number of times in the past few years and are wondering whether or not another TV has been added over at the Sports Bar? We, along with another couple who'd never been there before were there last Nov., and spent a Sunday afternoon watching football games. There were others at the Sports Bar who wanted to watch a different game than us so we ended up flipping a coin to see which game we'd watched during for what quarters. It worked out well and we had a lot of fun. Later that evening my husband spent some time talking to Mr. Issa and telling him how much we love CSA and had been returning twice a year since we discovered it. My husband told him about us watching the game at the Sports Bar with others and suggested another TV be added. Mr. Issa thought it was a good idea. That was last Nov. Does anyone know if one has been added or not? Thanks

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    As of mid-September, there is still only one TV at the Sports Bar.

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