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    Default Couples or Breezes!!!!

    Hi, for January 2013 we have booked 7 nights at Couples Negril followed by 7 nights at Breezes Negril. Looks like we could now be staying for 14 nights at Couples!!!

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    First of all I am very jealous. 14 days sounds like heaven. I am also curious. Have you stayed at Breezes before? What do you like about it verses CN?

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    Hi Jimnmariann,

    Have not stayed at either Couples Negril or Breezes Negril before. We use to stay at Braco and Couples Sans Souci. As we are from the UK we always vacate for 14 days and have found it worthwhile to try 2 resorts for a week each.
    We love Couples Sans Souci but unfortunately my wife has trouble with her knees (she is having a knee replacement in February) so we have chosen Negril as there are not the number of steps to negotiate like CSS.

    The latest news that I have heard on the sale of Breezes is that there are 2 bids in, one from Couples and the other un-named. Also I understand if Couples are successful they will maintain Breezes as a separate entity and not merge it into one large resort.

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    Wow - that's like shopping at Saks on Fifth Avenue, followed by an outing to Walmart!!

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    I cannot wait to see what happens with Breezes. We are booked for 7 nights at CN for August 2013. It it tempting to add 3 nights to BGN just to see what Couples has done to it. Since we have not booked our air yet we will just wait and see what happens!!

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    Why not the second seven at Swept Away?

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    You should consider making the second 7 nights after CN at CSA and get to enjoy the largest Couples Resort on the famous Seven Mile Beach. Our favorite of them all!

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    Lucky dogs!

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    Personally I would do 7 at CN and 7 at one of the other Couples Resorts. Tower Isle or Sans Souci maybe?

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    We are also doing a split this Feb, 5 nights at Breezes followed by 5 nights at CN. We really like the c/o cove area of Breezes a lot better than the CN nude beach. The cove to us seems more social, with pool volleyball, great snorkling, and the beach bar and grill. What made us want to do the split was during our stay at Breezes last year they were overbooked and we were offered the chance to stay at CN for 1 night. Even though we were only there for part of a day and 1 night we thought the food was quite a bit better at CN and were overall impressed with the property. We thought it would be fun to compare the 2 side by side, of course by the time we go it seems they will both be Couples.

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    HI all:

    This conversation is interesting, but premature. No deal has been made for the purchase of Breezes. should that occur, I will let everyone know. In the meantime, we will continue to moderate this board without mention of competitive resorts.

    Couples Resorts

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