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    Default Advice on when to take our next trip to Couples?

    Need some advice.....we are planning a return trip to Jamaica. We were there in May of 2012 and stayed at Swept Away, had an awesome times. We want to plan a return trip staying 7 days at Swept Away and 7 days at Tower Isle. Looking for some ideas on when to return. May was pretty warm. Want to come when it is a little cooler but still warm enough to swim in the pool and ocean and catch some rays. Need to wait until after June for our daughter to graduate high school. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

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    Well, you will never find it cold in Jamaica. Only in the evening sometimes will you need a wrap no matter when you go. We go in the fall when the prices are a bit cheaper. In February they usually have a special that includes resort credits. You may want to wait for that special and book for later in the year. Good luck. It will definitely not be as hot in the fall, but still beautiful weather.

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    Any time is a good time to go to Couples! We have traveled in January (too cold for us) April, May and August.

    Our favorite time is April. The temperature is just about perfect and the humidity is pretty much non-existant, rain is hit or miss for the most part. Though this past April we did have about 4 days of rain or mostly overcast days out of 14.

    We LOVE to go in August also. Most people would say it is too hot in August but we have not found that to be the case. We are from the East Coast of the USA so maybe we are used to hot/humid days of summer? The days in Jamaica are actually cooler then some of the summer days back home. The water temperature is simply awesome as well. Of course this is prime hurricane season so you really need to have trip cancellation insurance just in case.

    January we thought was too chilly for us. The water was too cold to swim in comfortably and the pool water was just down right cold for me.

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