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    Default Final Payment just made..CN November here we come!

    I just had to share! Anyone who has made payments knows that rush of excitement you get when it is officially paid for! We are going to be at CN (our second trip!) Novemeber 5-12th. I can almost smell the jerk chicken at the bar right now.....ahhhh the smell of home!
    Happy Monday!

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    Yeah!!! Happy Monday to you too.... that must be an awesome feeling.... I am consumed by our trip at the end of Nov as well.... Have a great week!!!

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    I know the feeling..we got our travel documents and we will be there Nov.1st-Nov.8th. Are doing the happy dance like us?? Will have to meet up for drink.

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    Nice - we're off to CSS in 14 days. Yahoo! Have a great trip!!
    Kristie & Tim
    CN '99,'04,'06,'07,'09
    COR '00
    CSS 10/5/09 - 10/10/09

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    We will be at CN Nov 8th - 14th
    48 Days Happy Dance

    Jackie & Jim

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    Default Be there just before you

    We are there Nov 1-6, getting married on the 3rd. Our 3rd time at CN. We just got our paperwork......cannot wait.........See you there.

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    I made our final payment last Thursday. Feels great to know that we are going! 46 days and 11 hours...
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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