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    Default Honeymoon Questions....

    My fiancee are getting married July, 3 2010 and are heading to Couples July 5. Do you recommend CSA or CN?? We are torn between the two..HELP please! Also, in our information we received there is a special honeymoon package that includes, a massage, candlelit dinner and so on, has anyone done this? Is it worth an extra 350 bucks or no? I need to know asap!!!

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    My wife and I just got back from CSA for our honeymoon (Aug 23-30) and it was incredible. I did a TON of research going into this and I ended up stuck just like you between CN and CSA. I am so glad I chose CSA because we never felt like we were stuck on a resort. It is so spread out that you can walk around so much without leaving. I didn't feel like I saw the same people everyday unless we wanted to. But at the same time it was not too big either. The restaurants are amazing as well as all of the people that work there. I'm talking 5 course meals every night! Make sure you go visit Romaine at the martini bar the first night. You will want to go back each night...I know we did.

    Here is what happens when you get there, they ask you if you are on your honeymoon when you check in. With that you get a complimentary 30 minute couples massage and it is fantastic. I booked the honeymoon about the same time you about 10 months ahead, kept up with the message boards and found that a better deal came out later on and rebooked. So keep your eyes open for the FILA (Fall In Love Again special). I was able to book at a cheaper price and it included a $350 spa credit and a $150 gift shop credit. So we didn't have to pay extra for the 85 minute massages we got later in the week.

    The private candlelight by the beach is $170 alone...and worth every penny! It was so beautiful and romantic to have the water coming about 3 feet from the table and it is just you and your new husband/wife. They say you just pick one menu for the both of you, but after trying to decide in front of the concierge, he let us each have our own menu. The food was wonderful...and that goes for the entire resort, too.

    We stayed in the Great House Jacuzzi suite because I wanted to make sure the experience was the best...and it was. The room was perfect, no noise, extremely romantic.

    My wife and I (ages 28/27) have already agreed we are going back to CSA as soon as we can. We figure there is no point to go anywhere else because we know CSA is perfect for us. We met a ton of new friends and took away even more memories. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to email me.

    Good luck and Congratulations!


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    CN all the way!

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    We honeymooned May of 2009 at Couples Negril. We loved it, except I couldn't do much as it was raining on our wedding day and I had the grace to slip and fall before breakfast. Needless to say I had a difficult time getting around all those stairs, but I managed.

    We had the same decision that you do about which resort to go to. My husband wanted the swim-up bar option that at the time the travel agent said was only at Negril, so that's where we went. We talked to a couple on the way to the airport on the sad bus going home and decided that we would try Swept Away next. The food at Negril was great and the people were great, but my husband really wanted to swim in the ocean and the beach at Negril is just not deep enough to do that. I think that whatever resort you choose you will not be disappointed.

    As for the honeymoon package I can't say, we got a $500 spa/gift shop credit - the spa was worth every penny (even if we had had to pay for it). A couples one hour massage on the beach to welcome us and one in the tree house to say good-bye, what more is there to say?

    Congrats and best of wishes for your future.


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