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    Default CN cat cruise and ziplining.

    So, it's been a few years since our last visit....anyone who has been there recently can you tell me what nights the cat cruise sails? Also, where's the best place/company to zipline? Thanks!

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    On our last visit to CN the catamaran cruise was 4PM on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Not sure if that's changed but hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong. Haven't tried ziplining so can't give any help there.

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    We did the ziplining last year -we used Chukka tours. It was great. We booked it when we got there at the Tour desk

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    we did the zip in august and it was a blast. see jackie at the tour desk, i think it was 100.00 ea and i would call it a bargain for what we got. 9 runs and a repel.

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    The zipline canopy tour through Chukka is at the Montpelier Outpost in the hills, back toward MoBay. You actually head back most of the way on a shuttle, until you turn south in the countryside. They conduct river rafting & kayak tours, as well as the zipline tour, through this facility. It's about an hour and fifteen mins. each way (with possible stops to pick people up at other resorts), plus a couple hours for the tour itself. As the others pointed out, just sign up at the Tour Desk.

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    We did the zipline tour in April and had a blast. We booked it through Viator before we got to Jamaica and had no problems. Paid $88 well worth it!!

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