Hi everyone!
We just booked our "babymoon" and return trip to Couples Swept Away for this December. I will be about 21 weeks/5 months pregnant!!

I am just trying to plan ahead on anything I may need to know or bring in advance, and since this is my first pregnancy, I was hoping other mothers or fathers might chime in to add to the list, if needed:
- I do have international medical insurance for emergency situations
- I will pack loads of high SPF sunblock given all my hormones/sun sensitivity, I don't want to burn or get the pregnancy mask. We will plan on sitting in the shade the whole time, however, on our long beach walks... I will inevitably get some sun.
- I will bring my printed list of high mercury fish types- and eat/avoid as appropriate.
- Avoid delicious rum drinks entirely. So sad.

Anything else I should think of? I saw on the last page of the Spa list of services that no prenatal massages were offered (at any Couples location), however, could I not get a swedish massage and just have them avoid the one or two spots that can cause contractions? Hmm. I hope so.

I think we will try heading over to CN for a day and try out their beach. Any lunch recommendations? I wish we could stay over there long enough to try a dinner place. Also, does anyone know if we can play golf while trading over to CN for the day? My partner would love that.

Thanks for any tips or comments!