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    Default Buying Cigarettes in Charlotte

    Looking for a little help from the smokers out there please.

    I am trying to figure out if I should just pack cigarettes or get them in my layover duty free while in Charlotte. Not sure if I will have enough time. This is my first time flying international, and besides a puddle jumper, I have not been on a plane in 25 yrs so I am very nervous with security ect. I arrive at CLT at 8:16am and depart for MBJ at 9:40am. Will I have enough time to buy them or should I just buy them at home? I read somewhere that they sell them in five carton boxes? That is a lot of cigarettes. Is this is the only way they sell them? Will I have a problem bringing them into Jamaica? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

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    I think you can only bring in 1 carton per p

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    I would just bring them from home. If your flight is delayed you might not have time to pick them up at duty free in Charlotte and I've heard they are very spendy at resort.

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    That is plenty of time on a layover to make a stop at one of the duty free shops in Charlotte (I connect through CLT at least once a month). There is a duty free store in the main food court area between the B and C gates. There is another duty free store close to the D Gates. The one near D does not sell alcohol.

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    they sell the carton 1, 3 or 5.
    We always take 5 pks each, when we leave from seattle Wa. Then buy a carton each in Charlette. That last us the two weeks that were there. Then we hit the duty free and but 3 cartons each before we leave Jamaica. You might have to pay the taxes on one of the cartons (each) when you get state side.

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    Thanks for all the information everyone. It is funny the little things that I keep worrying about the closer I get to the 15th. I think I will do what you do jeniper, take a couple packs with me and then buy the bulk in Charlotte. I am so excited 9 days 11 hrs and 46 minutes to go!!

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    I like to shop at the duty free shop.
    I like to shop at the duty free shop.

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