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    Default Free trips from CN

    We have been at CSA the last 2 yrs and this year are going to CN. Can anyone tell me which bars the 'sunset bar shuttle' takes you to? How long are you away (you get picked up at 5pm)?.

    How long is the Margaritaville trip?

    How long is the Downtown Negril shopping trip?

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    The Sunset Bar Shuttle goes to Pushcart and it only takes about an hour and a half to two hours total. The driver sits out front and waits for you.

    Not sure about Margaritaville trip, but it's probably close to the same.

    I've heard from several folks at the resort to skip the shopping trip, but never done it personally. We have walked across the street to the craft market before, which was cool. Just be ready to haggle and say no thank you a lot.

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    You know the Margaritaville trip is to the one you can walk to from Swept Away. It is a couple of hours.

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    Margaritiville they take you over and there is a return bus every hour stay as late as you want

    and the shoping trip I did to the mall was about a hour and a half. There are alot of shops there and I could have spent more time there. Much more stuff then the craft market across the street.

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    My wife and I enjoy shopping the local crafts. I would rather buy from them instead of giving my money to a "retail" store. That being said, the pressure is so high at the market, it takes a lot of the fun out of it.
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