Hi all. This will be our 1st time to CTI. (in 44 daysssssss!!!!!!) (CSA/CSS repeaters here...) and I have a couple of questions. One of the reasons that we even considered CTI this time is that I'll be recovering from the Marine Corp Marathon 2 days before, so won't be interested in long runs, which I understand are virtually impossible at CTI. (I don't (won't/can't) do the treadmill....) But I DO need to do some gentle cross training so I don't completely cramp up and lose the ability to move at all.

1. Is there anywhere at CTI that I can swim laps? I don't think that they have a lap pool, but maybe the big pool early in the morning?
2. Do they have spin bikes there? I thought that someone had said that they added them with the renovation, but I'm not totally sure. Does anyone know what the schedule is for spin classes?
3. The morning jog/power walk at 8 am: how far do you go and where? Anyone ever done it? Do you know if they will take you on that walk later in the day or on an off day if you request?
4. Does anyone have a recent activities schedule that they could upload? Yes, I know that it is on the CTI page under "activities" but if it's anything like CSA, the activities on that page are a bit different than what really is happening on a weekly basis.

Thanks in advance!